Cholesterol and Metabolic Support

A natural extract from a unique Italian fruit Citrus Bergamot


Last year I was given a sample of BergaMet to try. I took the capsules for approx two months. It helped to maintain healthy cholesterol and weight. I now feel great and am able to walk long distances, have started work again.I can highly recommend this product to anyone.




Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know the outcome of my first 2 months on Bergamet. Two months ago, I had a blood test to check my Cholesterol levels after I had been given a CT Calcium score test in Australia.This indicated a calcium score of 537, which is elevated, above a normal range. My Cholesterol score was 5.5. I started taking Bergamet, and continued my lifestyle, without many major changes. I was given a prescription of 10 mg Atorvastatin. I received blood test results yesterday, after 2 months treatment. My Cholesterol had dropped to 3.0! My weight has dropped by 4kg. The practice nurse quizzed me at some length about what I had been doing, as this result is beyond what they expect from a Statin. I referred her to the Bergamet Website, I'm thrilled at the success I have had from this product and have referred many friends to it. Thanks.



Three months ago you sent me three bottles of BergaMet Mega and I promised to let you know how I got on. I had just had my cholesterol tested and it was 6.4.

I thought I would give BergaMet Mega a real test so didn't change my lifestyle much at all, in fact, due to circumstances my exercise routine reduced from four days a week down to one. I ate as I always have which isn't bad but there were certainly high cholesterol foods I could do without.

Three months on I have just been retested and my results really pleased me. I am now hovering just above normal at 5.7.

My weight three months ago was around 63kg and I have struggled for a few years to lose the extra and maintain my ideal weight of 60kg. After taking BergaMet Mega my weight dropped within a month down to 59kg. I now sit at 59.4 no matter what I eat. I have certainly had my share of roasts, pies, cheeses and eggs over winter so feel it was a tough test for BergaMet Mega.

I'm really thrilled at the results and so is my doctor. My intention now is to reduce my intake of high cholesterol foods and get back to a regular healthy exercise routine and see what happens over the next six months when I am to be tested again.


Linda Searle, Devonport, Auckland



I am a 60 year old male. Late last year I was given some Bergamet capsules to try. I took them for a couple of months and they helped to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I now have a lot more energy, and feel good. I have recommended this product to family and friends.





Three months ago I started taking BergaMet. It has helped me to maintain a healthy weight. I feel better than I have in a long time. I would recommend BergaMet to everyone.




I began taking BergaMet Mega just after my colleague Dr Ross Walker began advertising it on our Healthy Living show on Radio 2UE.

I didn’t tell Ross I was taking the supplement, I wanted to test it out for myself independent of the advertising.

I didn’t take long to see results. As well as cutting down on meal sizes, and taking BergaMet ahead of the main meals of the day, two per day as suggested.

Over the past six months I have lost 25 kilos, and I feel fantastic. I’ve even had to go out to by smaller clothing sizes. It has lowered my cholesterol and had great effect on my waist size.

I highly recommend BergaMet and suggest if you too are wanting to lose belly fat and lower your cholesterol to give it a try.

David Prior



3 months ago I was told to try Bergamet. Since that time I have lost weight and feel fantastic, my daily energy levels have improved out of sight - I have always had slightly elevated cholesterol and am due for my next test at the end of August I feel like its going to be a good result {TBA}.......for once I am excited about getting a blood test. Ha ha........




I am a 73 year old female.

I was on statins for about 5 years and although I followed a low carb diet my cholesterol was still above the normal range. In fact, my cholesterol levels were rising.

In 2010 my readings were Cholesterol 5.9 Triglycerides 1.5 HDL 1.7 LDL 3.5 and the chol/hdl ratio was 3.5.

I heard Ross Walker talking on the Today Show and read articles in the UK press where he suggested that bergamot is a good natural alternative therapy where there is no underlying reason to take statins, like existing heart disease.

I went to my doctor and asked him to cut my prescribed medication by half so as to comply with standard health warnings not to cut medication suddenly and had a blood test as the starting point for trying Bergamet.

The readings at that point were Cholesterol 6.5 Triglycerides 1.6 HDL 1.7, LDL 4.1 and the chol/hdl ratio 3.8 I admit I did not take the tablets religiously, and I continued to eat things I like, but I did undertake moderate exercise.

So after 6 months I returned for a follow up blood test, hardly expecting any good results as I had not been consistently following the regimen.

So imagine my surprise when my results were -
Cholesterol 5.4 Triglycerides 1.0 HDL 1.9 LDL 3.0 and the chol/hdl ratio is now 2.8.

Imagine if I had followed the instructions to the letter! Even so, all my results were within the target range and the good cholesterol was better and the bad cholesterol was lower. I don’t take any other tablets such as fish oil so there is is no other explanation than Bergamet.

So I am stopping the 5mg of statin and will follow the Bergamet regimen more carefully. Then I will have another blood test and I anticipate the results will be at least as good as this time.

Watch this space!

Kerry Drew



Just thought I would let you know that my doctor called to tell me that my bad cholesterol was 4 and he was very happy with the result.

I have been off statins and taking 3 bergamet tablets each day for 6 months.

He said he was going off statins himself and changing to Bergamet.

Warren Shelley



The specialists at Royal Melbourne Hospital were astounded & wanted to know what I was doing in addition to taking my normal medication. I made them Google "Bergamet Mega" to have a read about it and also mentioned Dr Ross Walker, whom they never heard of and/or just being ignorant said ...."keep doing what your doing & lets hope the results continue"......Well done Bergamet!!!!

Peter Trojczak



My name is Kevin and I am a 55 year old male, post stent, and can’t tolerate statins. I have changed my lifestyle considerably and also started taking BergaMet Mega.This has resulted in lowering Tchol from 5.7 to 3.4, lowering triglycerides from 2.4 to 0.4, increased Hdl from 0.9 to 1.1 and I have lost 15kgs in weight.






'Always read the label' and 'Use only as directed'

Bergamet is an Australian listed product ( 173253 ) on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods